IT Project Management

With the help of our extra-ordinary Project Management services, we let you focus and concentrate on what you do best. We relieve you from your day-to-day responsibilities of project organization, coordination, and management. We provide a single point-of-contact to coordinate and manage all aspects of the project delivery. During implementation, we serve as your sole point of contact to manage all project channels, including vendors, suppliers, technology, and hardware. We support the project implementations of any size and level of complexity, geographical locations, and vendors.

Our project managers possess the knowledge base that helps you to bring about a specific finalized goal successfully. They come with the knowledge of various methodologies and tools that assist in the planning, moderation, and execution of a project. They can also bear the burden of gathering, organizing, and directing the resources necessary to provide a project with the most efficient results. Often times, projects rely heavily on data management and data analysis. One of the best tools our project managers have available to them to increase productivity is the most up-to-date IT project management software solutions.

Whether the project is related to programming computer software, a mobile app, video game, or designing hardware architecture for a computer platform, our managers arrive with the required skills and knowledge. Be it web development for an online shopping site or data security on a social network or bank server, our managers keep big tech projects like software upgrades running on time and on budget. We have project mangers experienced from planning, scheduling and controlling projects, to managing critical interfaces with users and vendors, to balancing development needs with system maintenance. We identify our project management processes in five stages: initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

Our managers and implementers have substantial experience and expertise in creating exhaustive project plans, implementation schedules, and build environments to help you achieve strict deadlines and timelines. They have overseen and achieved critical timelines and effectively managed change requests to help enable timely implementations. Our leaders are efficient and capable of managing all your requirements, designs, testing, milestones, builds and deliverables to reduce delays and reduce costs. In addition, they also coordinate the resources and activities necessary to successfully implement an application that meets your demands and timeline.

We have variety of project management services and resource capabilities, including, but not limited to, ERP implementation, CRM implementation, CMS implementation, and SharePoint implementation. Our project management team has the right blend of industry experience and people skills to coordinate and synchronize the entire project team. Our project managers are highly educated, skilled, and well-informed, with MBAs and/or PMP certifications.